As an analyst with experience in international business and human rights, I am deeply concerned about the situation surrounding Tigran Gambaryan, a Binance executive currently detained in Nigeria’s Kuje prison. The recent news that tax charges against him and his colleague Nadeem Anjarwalla have been dropped is a small victory, but it does not alleviate the more pressing issue of Gambaryan’s health and well-being.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria has withdrawn tax-related accusations against Binance executives Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla. However, Gambaryan remains incarcerated at Kuje prison, while Anjarwalla managed to escape custody in March and left Nigeria.

In February, executives were apprehended during a meeting with Nigerian authorities. This was their second visit to the country within a short timespan, with the first occurrence being just a month prior, raising suspicions.

The Financial Institutions Regulation Commission (FIRS) currently holds Binance as the lone entity accountable for the tax-related liabilities in this case. Previously implicated individuals, Gambaryan and Anjarwalla, are now exonerated from these charges. The information was disseminated through a family member of Gambaryan’s. However, both executives continue to face money laundering accusations. Gambaryan is scheduled to appear in court once more on June 19 for the money laundering proceedings, and the trial commences on June 20.

As a crypto investor, I’ve been following the news about Gambaryan and Binance closely. I understand that there have been concerns regarding Gambaryan’s involvement with the company, leading to attempts by the Nigerian government to try him in court on Binance’s behalf. However, I want to clarify that, from my perspective, Gambaryan does not hold any decision-making powers within Binance. Therefore, I believe it would be unfair and incorrect to implicate the company in any legal proceedings based solely on his actions. Binance has been actively engaging with Nigerian authorities to convey this message and clarify their stance on the matter.

It’s uncertain whether the money laundering accusations against the US citizen will be dismissed. Meanwhile, there are growing calls for intervention from his family, friends, and others urging the US government to facilitate his return home. The need for his immediate repatriation may have become more pressing due to his rapidly deteriorating health.

A family member disclosed that Gambaryan fell ill with malaria on May 23rd in court, and has since been diagnosed with pneumonia due to worsening health conditions. The same relative added that despite the court’s request, Gambaryan is not receiving sufficient medical care in prison.

“This has gone on too long, and Tigran’s life is at risk,” said Yuki Gambaryan, Gambaryan’s wife.


Image by Alexa from Pixabay

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2024-06-14 21:17