As an analyst with extensive experience in the sports betting and cryptocurrency markets, I find Drake’s betting habits both intriguing and concerning. His recent bet on Canada to win against Argentina in the Copa America semi-final, worth $300,000 in Bitcoin, is a significant loss for him, especially given that Argentina was the clear favorite to win.


  • Drake lost a substantial Bitcoin bet after Canada was defeated by Argentina in the Copa America semi-final.
  • His history of significant betting losses has led to the phrase “the Drake curse,” suggesting teams or athletes he supports tend to perform poorly.

Betting Against Lionel Messi

Drake, the renowned Canadian musician and actor, frequently places large bets on well-known sporting events. Recently, he wagered an equivalent of $300,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) that Canada would emerge victorious against Argentina in the Copa America semi-final.

Canada’s football team faced long odds of 9.60 in winning the match. A successful bet on them would have earned Drake approximately $2.5 million in cryptocurrency.

It wasn’t entirely surprising, given Argentina’s status as the current world champion, that they came out on top with a 2-0 win. Captain Lionel Messi netted the second goal despite facing opposition from a rapper.

Drake’s Previous Losses

The musician has previously spent a large amount of money on wagers related to similar events. Last month, he placed a bet of $500K in Bitcoin on the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA finals against the Boston Celtics.

Unfortunately for him, the Massachusetts team clinched an impressive 18th league title with a victory of 106-88.

In the early part of 2024, Drake placed a wager of approximately $700,000 in Bitcoin on a UFC match, anticipating that Sean Strickland would emerge victorious against Dricus du Plessis. This bet held the potential for earning over $650,000 in profits in Bitcoin. Regrettably, however, the outcome did not favor Strickland as the judges declared it a split decision in favor of du Plessis.

Two years ago, he made a bet of $234,000 worth of Bitcoin on Ferrari’s driver, Charles Leclerc, to come in first place at the Spanish Grand Prix. Unfortunately, Max Verstappen ended up winning the race instead. Additionally, he staked $600,000 in cryptocurrency on FC Barcelona to secure victory against Real Madrid during “El Clásico.” Regrettably, Barcelona suffered a defeat that day.

The string of defeats suffered by him in his betting endeavors gave rise to the term “Drake’s jinx.” This is a belief that any team or athlete he publicly endorses is likely to underperform.



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2024-07-11 01:40