Protocol Village: Cube.Exchange Emerges From Private Beta to Early Access

Nov. 28: Cube.Exchange, a digital asset trading platform fusing TradFi with Web3, has emerged from private beta and launched into early access, according to the team: “Cube.Exchange’s unique market structure, where users retain ownership over their assets through use of a proprietary MPC vault, ensures control of them and means withdrawals and trades are only possible if explicitly authorized. Most importantly, users’ assets are protected even in the event of insolvency.”

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Truflation Integrates With Injective

Nov. 28: Truflation, an independent provider of verifiable economic data and indexes, is integrating with layer-1 blockchain Injective to provide data feeds for the pricing of real-world assets (RWAs) across the Injective ecosystem, according to the team: “Through this integration, any exchange or front-end application built on Injective’s platform can now effortlessly launch RWA-based indexes in a fully decentralized and on-chain environment. Truflation’s data is already powering Injective’s Helix DEX, while it also plans to launch the first futures commodity index exchange on Injective.” (INJ)

Movement Labs Says ‘Move Virtual Machine’ to Use Celestia, Snowman

Nov. 27: Movement Labs announced the , “the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum, scaled with Celestia as modular DA,” according to the team: “M2 will enable developers to launch secure, performant and high-throughput Move VM rollups as easily as they do smart contracts. M2 integrates Celestia for data availability, Snowman for shared sequencing, and the Move Virtual Machine for execution, which is capable of 145k+ transactions per second as well as localized fee markets to mitigate gas spikes.”

Nov. 27: Telos, a “delegated proof-of-stake” layer-1 blockchain, announced two key hires: “1) Lee Erswell as new CEO. Lee joins Telos after building the Swapsicle DEX and helping it recently surpass over $1M in TVL. His focus will be on bolstering Telos’ DeFi ecosystem and overseeing the project’s ZK infrastructure development. 2) Justin Edwards as head of gaming. Justin has over two decades of experience in technology/gaming, having been part of the team at Jagex that built RuneScape, before leading Lockwood Publishing as it built out popular F2P mobile games. Last year, Justin served as COO of DCL and led operations for the entire virtual world’s ecosystem.”

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2023-11-28 15:50