Is Ripple (XRP) Price About to Explode Soon? This Analyst Chips In


    XRP, with an 80% increase since January, is predicted by Dark Defender to rise to $0.67, then drop slightly before climbing towards $0.88 and $1.05 in the short term.
    Dark Defender expects XRP to hit these targets between November 30 and December 1.
    Another analyst, CryptoBull, forecasted an extreme rise in XRP’s value to $7.20 or even $470, but this scenario is considered unrealistic due to the required $250 trillion market capitalization.

Is Ripple (XRP) Price About to Explode Soon? This Analyst Chips In

XRP’s Possible Short-Term Trajectory

Despite slightly retracing in the past few weeks, Ripple’s native token – XRP – has been on a significant uptrend this year. Its price has soared by approximately 80% since January 1, with some analysts predicting a further rally in the near future.

One such person is the X (Twitter) user Dark Defender. They forecasted that XRP could take on the offensive today (November 23) and reach approximately $0.67 tomorrow (November 24), representing a 10% increase. 

Dark Defender also believes the asset might plunge in the following days and then ascend toward $0.88 and $1.05.

“I am expecting and basing this XRP to hit $0.67 by tomorrow at the latest. Then a small correction and then: Road to: $0.8888 & $1.0507. If you ask me, I like the numbers. I expect to hit $0.88 between November 30 & December 1 (not financial advice),” they said.

Those willing to find out how Ripple’s coin might perform in the remaining quarter of the ongoing year could take a look at our dedicated video below:

The Recent Ridiculous Prediction

One analyst who was not so modest when envisioning XRP’s potential future valuation is CryptoBull. They recently forecasted that the token might be on the verge of exploding toward $7.20, or even the absurd $470.

The latter price tag would most likely remain just a mirage, considering the astonishing $250 trillion market capitalization XRP needs to reach to make this happen. 

Recall that the entire market cap of the crypto industry was around $3 trillion during the bull run in 2021 when Bitcoin (BTC) tapped almost $70,000. 

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