How High Can Ripple Go in 2023? Most Recent XRP Price Predictions


    Analysts predict an uptrend for Ripple’s XRP by the end of 2023, with forecasts ranging from over $0.71 by EGRAG CRYPTO to $0.88 by Dark Defender.
    Some long-term predictions are highly optimistic, like CryptoBull’s $470 target and Shannon Thorp’s $500 forecast, based on substantial market capitalization growth.
    These ambitious forecasts appear unrealistic, especially considering the entire crypto industry’s peak market cap was around $3 trillion in 2021.

How High Can Ripple Go in 2023? Most Recent XRP Price Predictions

XRP’s Short-Term Targets

Ripple’s native token – XRP – has recently consolidated around the $0.60 mark, with numerous cryptocurrency participants wondering whether it could take the offensive by the end of 2023. Some analysts, including the X (Twitter) users EGRAG CRYPTO and Dark Defender, believe that such an uptrend is in the cards.

The former recently presented a chart according to which XRP might finish the year at above $0.71. Nonetheless, the analyst alerted that the asset might drop to $0.55 before reaching that peak.

Dark Defender was a bit more bullish, claiming that Ripple’s coin could reach $0.88 (a 45% increase from the current valuation) at the beginning of December. It is worth mentioning that the analyst have previously forecasted that XRP would jump to $0.67 on November 24: something that remained just a mirage.

Those curious to find out how the token might perform during the remaining quarter of the ongoing year could take a look at our video below:

Some of the Ridiculous Predictions

Other analysts have laid out somewhat absurd XRP forecasts. One such individual is the X user CryptoBull, who set a price tag of $470. In addition, they maintained that the asset would make it “easy” to the $27 mark.

For her part, Shannon Thorp forecasted that XRP could skyrocket to $500 in the following years. Such a price explosion could be possible if the asset’s market capitalization surges to approximately $250 trillion. Recall that the market cap of the entire industry was around $3 trillion at its peak time in 2021, making the prediction highly implausible.


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