• Google is suing a group of alleged scammers who are said to have uploaded fraudulent apps to Google Play.
  • Victims were lured to download the apps with promises of high returns that the lawsuit described as “illusory.”
  • A Google spokesperson described the lawsuit as a “unique opportunity” to set a precedent for how to deal with bad actors.

A lawsuit was filed by Google against individuals suspected of being cryptocurrency swindlers, alleging they had uploaded false investment applications onto the Google Play store.

A lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York on Thursday, accusing Yunfeng Sun and Hongnam Cheung of committing over 100 acts of wire fraud against Google and impacting around 100,000 Google users.

The defendants provided Google with false information multiple times in an attempt to deceive them and upload fraudulent apps to Google Play. This deceit involved disguising their true identities, hiding their real locations, and concealing the true nature of the applications they were submitting. (According to the filing)

The apps enticed victims into downloading them with false promises of substantial returns from crypto and other investments. However, these returns were described in the lawsuit as non-existent. Once victims tried to withdraw their earnings, they were required to pay different fees to supposedly retrieve their investments and profits, according to the court document.

Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google’s general counsel, spoke with CNBC about a lawsuit against crypto fraudsters. She explained, “This lawsuit provides us with a rare chance to employ our assets against those who orchestrated a large-scale crypto scam, deceiving some of our users. Not only can we safeguard our users in this instance, but also set an example for future wrongdoers that such conduct will not be tolerated by us.”

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2024-04-04 15:28