CoinDesk Brings Back 'Microcosms' NFT Consensus Ticket

CoinDesk has reopened minting of Microcosms, an NFT that rewards holders with tickets to Consensus for three years as well as other perks.

Minting opened on Wednesday, Jan. 31, at 1 p.m. ET (18:00 UTC) at the price of 1 ETH and will remain open until Thursday, March 14, at 1 p.m. ET or until the collection sells out, whichever comes first.

What are Microcosms?

  • Microcosms are NFTs tied to 1,000 unique works of digital art created by generative artist and engineer Fahad Karim.
  • Each Microcosm holder receives a companion Pro Pass to Consensus airdropped to their wallet for the next three years (a $3,600 minimum value). They can use, gift or sell the tickets because just like the NFT, the ticket is an on-chain asset that the holder owns. You must continue to hold the NFT in your wallet each year to receive the benefits.
  • Holding Microcosms also brings the opportunity to receive additional rewards. The reward system resets each year until 2026.
  • Microcosms is powered by the Art Blocks Engine that drives the popular generative art platform.
  • The back-end reward systems are managed in partnership with Passage Protocol.
  • The redemption and token-gated aspects of the project are managed by Tokenproof.

What does the reward system entail?

Rewards will be airdropped to holders at random. As long as a wallet is holding the Microcosms NFT on March 18, the holder will be eligible to receive a number of the below rewards:

  • One 15-minute stage session
  • Two media buys worth $10,000 each on
  • Three 2024 Piranha passes
  • Six gift cards to local Austin hot spots
  • 50 bonus tickets to Consensus 2024
  • 100 pieces of exclusive merch

The list of full rewards can be found on the Microcosms site here.

Why NFT ticketing?

Loyalty programs are a longstanding tactic by brands to garner repeat business from customers and to deepen relationships with their most loyal consumers. With NFT ticketing, holders can receive a collectible, in addition to allowing brands to identify and reward their most loyal customer base in the future.

As loyalty programs continue to expand and become hyper-personalized, blockchain technology promises to give brands a clearer picture of their customers, whether online or at in-person events like Consensus.

To learn more about Microcosms and mint an NFT, visit the website here and follow along on X (formerly Twitter) for other Consensus-related updates.

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2024-01-31 22:37