Cardano Bull Run Incoming? Top 2024 ADA Price Predictions to Know


    ADA’s Strong Performance: ADA has seen a nearly 70% increase in price this year, with experts predicting continued growth in 2024, possibly reaching new highs.
    Optimistic Predictions for 2024: Twitter user Ali sets a $10 target for ADA by summer 2024, while Dan Gambardello predicts a spike to $11 post-BTC halving, with a potential market cap of $400 billion.
    2025 Projections: Analyst FieryTrading suggests ADA could reach $35 in 2025, a significant increase from its current value, following a pattern aligned with the post-Bitcoin halving cycle.

Cardano Bull Run Incoming? Top 2024 ADA Price Predictions to Know

Could 2024 Be ADA’s Year?

Cardano’s native token – ADA – has been among the best-performing crypto assets this year, experiencing a nearly 70% price increase since January 1. Multiple experts believe the coin would keep the positive trend in 2024, with some envisioning it could hit a new all-time high in the following months.

One such example is the popular X (Twitter) user Ali. They observed certain charts and previous consolidation levels to set a $10 price target to be possibly achieved by the summer of 2024.

Dan Gambardello – Founder of Crypto Capital Venture – was one idea more bullish, arguing that ADA could spike to $11 shortly after the BTC halving (scheduled for April next year), whereas its market capitalization could explode to the astonishing $400 billion.

Those curious to explore additional Cardano predictions could take a look at our latest video below:

What About ADA’s Price in 2025?

Some analysts have suggested that Cardano’s token could reach a new peak one year after the Bitcoin halving. Such an example is FieryTrading, which argued that ADA might skyrocket to $35 in 2025, representing a whopping 9,000% increase compared to the asset’s current valuation.

“Since the pattern has now been confirmed, we can take a look at the next bull-market top. Assuming that the bull-market top will be somewhere in 2025 and that ADA will continue to follow this pattern, we can make the assumption that ADA will top somewhere above 35$,” they argued.


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